These poses are done standing up with your feet hip-width apart. Celebrate summer solstice with a gratitude and yoga boost. To bring you the classes you want with the teachers you love, we decided to take Solstice online. Your email address will not be published. Solstice. Let saying the word knees be a kind of yogic … I believe in adapting the practice to the student, not the other way around. The malas can be used to chant mantras as part of a meditation practice. This is such a special day for me because it heralds the coming of my favorite season and celebrates a practice that has done so much for me and my life. Read about the benefits of practicing yoga … {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}. Be sure to align your shoulders over your wrists to protect your joints. 8:45 Breakfast & free time 9:30 Depart for … Downward dog, performed here by another instructor at 359 Yoga , is a staple in any yoga practice… Yin Meridian Restorative Yoga Evening for the Summer Solstice (夏至 Xia Zhi) We warmly invite you to join us and take time to de-stress and unwind with a wonderfully relaxing and blissful, 2 hour Yin Meridian Restorative Yoga evening to celebrate the longest day, Summer Solstice … The doshas are the bodily humors that help to create one’s individual constitution, and there … The summer months are a time of light and warmth, and the energy of summer radiates at a high vibration. It is considered auspicious to practice Surya Namaskar at the time of summer solstice, to connect with and build upon the enlivening solar energies that are pulsating within us now. Summer Practices. Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar A) Sun salutations are the most incredible way to honor the rising … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The summer solstice when we enjoy the longest day of sunlight in the year is the perfect time to take time out to recharge the body in preparation for the rest of the summer. On this day, the sun pauses movement on its path before reversing direction. Last week, in between storms, I went outside to practice yoga … Begin to walk your hands forward until you reach your first sign of tension (known as your first edge). 6 Ways to Celebrate International Yoga Day. To take some time for stillness. “For Michiganders such as myself, summer is a short and sacred time of warmth and sunshine. Perhaps you took part in that tradition as well, or perhaps you’ve never heard of this before. Considering Laser Hair Removal? In honor of the holiday, Caren Paskel, owner of EnSoul Yoga in Detroit and Ferndale, and Jennifer Perry, owner of 359 Yoga in Wyandotte, share some of their favorite Sun Salutation postures. It is common to practice sun salutations on the summer solstice; in fact, many people practice 108 sun salutations! We will begin with a gentle Yin style yoga practice which allows for deep opening and release form the muscles and then ease into a restorative practice… This is my yoga home; it is where I trained to be a teacher and where I currently teach. The word solstice means “sun standing still”. It is common to practice sun salutations … Namaskar stems from the word “names,” which means “to bow to” or “to adore.” Perform each pose below on its own or work them into your own yoga flow — and don’t forget to inhale and exhale as you move between each position. As you awaken this Summer solstice morning, practice a few rounds of Surya Namaskar, perhaps making it a practice of gratitude for the sun as the giver of life by thinking of one thing about your life you’re grateful for at the beginning of each round. Copyright 2020 Roaming Yogi, LLC, all rights reserved. This form collects information we will use to send you updates about promotions, special offers, and news. This pose strengthens the arms and shoulders while toning the core and waist and providing a great stretch for your legs. The Summer Solstice marks the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. Summer Solstice Yoga Practice. Arrive, mask on, settle in, mask off, … In our upcoming Summer Solstice … Summer Solstice is the lightest and longest day of the year. Forward fold is an integral part of the sun salutation yoga flow. At 359 Yoga, Perry says Sun Salutations are all about keeping the body energized. You can set an intention at the beginning of your practice … Yoga is life – it is meant to be lived! Round your spine forward and … In the past few years, The … One quick note before you dive in – I filmed this class at the beautiful Davannayoga shala in Puerto Vallarta. 7:30 Gentle Yoga – or sleep in if you need the rest! Then position your hands near your ribs and push up through your hands, straightening your arms. From a seated position, extend your legs out in front. Kneel in gratitude for your body, your practice, your life. Place your hands in front of your heart in a prayer position. We will not share or sell your personal information.You can unsubscribe at any time. Get up at dawn, face east, and do 108 repetitions of Surya Namaskar … “The idea is to help women with this rebirth, and the Summer Solstice is all about honoring the love, light, and pleasure of earthly existence. So today, we’ll focus on balanced movement with an Ayurveda-inspired yoga practice by Marc Holzman. Besides it’s strengthening properties, this pose is a heart-opener. It is no wonder then why the International Day of Yoga is also honored at the summer solstice. T he Summer Solstice is on June 21. Yoga Practice for Seasonal Transition: Vasanta to Grishma. Conveniently, June 21 also marks National Yoga Day. While the summer solstice is a time to celebrate action and doing (all those things fueled by our inner fire), it’s also a time to celebrate stillness. In the northern hemisphere, the June solstice is one of four major sandhis or junctures where the seasons change, bringing spring ( vasanta) to an end as summer ( grishma) … This summer, we could not host Summer Solstice because of the Covid_19 pandemic. Yogis can perform 108 sun salutations as a ritual practice to help inspire discipline, devotion, commitment, and focus. You’ll want a bolster or pillow, as well as two blocks for this yin yoga practice. It is a time to celebrate light, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Relax your head and look between your legs. This pose warms up the arms, shoulders, upper back, core, hamstrings, and knees. As the longest day of the year, the solstice is the perfect time to get in that workout you’ve been putting off. Breathe in the fresh Summer air surrounded by flowers and friends. Shown by Paskel, this sun salutation pose is all about showing gratitude to the Earth. For correct form, keep fingers spread wide and push your heart back toward your legs while keeping your arms stretched out in front of you. “The sun represents the soul or source of light within us all.”. Summer solstice celebrates the beginning of summer in the Northern hemisphere and the longest day of sunshine. For more on each studio, visit and The Summer Solstice is on June 21. Conveniently, June 21 also marks National Yoga Day. We all … Then, circle your arms overhead, gently bending backward. Sun Salutations can be practiced any time and with any frequency. Yogic teaching speaks of the Sun not only as an outer source of energy, but as a inner source of energy that’s within each and everyone of us. Cherish the … If you want to learn more, I have a few resources for you: Today, I’m bringing you something a little different…it’s a summer solstice yin yoga practice. Downward dog, performed here by another instructor at 359 Yoga , is a staple in any yoga practice. Sun Salutations, also known by the Sanskrit name Surya Namaskar, are a series of asana yoga poses meant to awaken the body and send gratitude to the sunshine. As the longest day of the year, the solstice is the perfect time to get in that workout you’ve been putting off. Join our 3 day e-summit to experience some of the finest teachers of Kundalini Yoga, use our recipes to enjoy the Solstice … From The Archive: Weight Loss: Larry Sherman Loses  370 Pounds Through Yoga, Local instructors recommend Sun Salutation postures you can practice at home, 5 Yoga Poses to Celebrate the Summer Solstice, 10 Things to Do This Weekend (June 21-23), Best of Detroit 2019 Big Winner: Prime + Proper. A newer summer solstice tradition is the gathering of hundreds of yoga practitioners in Times Square in New York City to practice yoga and celebrate the changing of the seasons. Press your back heel into the ground for a deeper stretch. This year the summer solstice falls on Saturday the 20 th of June, making it an exciting weekend as it precedes the International Day of Yoga on Sunday the 21 st of June. (Maybe we can encourage the good weather back!) Make sure that your front knee does not pass your ankle. It’s OK if your knees aren’t completely straight. We come out of hibernation and expose ourselves,” Paskel says. Celebrate the Summer Solstice with this 35 min vinyasa flow for power, celebration and gratitude. Also known as Uttanasana, this pose encourages the loosening of tension in any of these body parts. High Lunge, demonstrated by Paskel, is simple to perform. To get into the pose, simply lower yourself whole body to the ground so your face is flat on the mat. Your email address will not be published. 7:00 Gentle yoga & meditation Monday June 21 – Summer Solstice and National Indigenous Peoples Day. Summer … And if you don't, get in touch! 3HO’s Summer Solstice Celebration is a 9-day spiritual gathering in the high desert mountains of New Mexico.It is a rare opportunity to cleanse the mind, go beyond ego and feel your spirit soar. It is an ancient and unique yogic … This is such a special day for me because it heralds the coming of my favorite season and celebrates a practice that has done so much for me and my life. There are several ways to get into the position, but one simple way is to start on your hands and knees in Table pose then to push your arms and legs up and back. We’re doing something a little different for this summer solstice – a yin yoga practice! I’m inviting you to do the same. To balance the heat and energy of the summer season, aim to cultivate the opposite environment on the inside of the body — cool and calm. ... Emma is a 500hr qualified Yoga … And your yoga mat, of course . Just point your feet forward and lunge through your front leg. I am so sorry about that and hope that you can still find a place of stillness and peace in this practice. To ritualize the repetition of purification, we can turn to our yoga practices to attract abundance as we celebrate nature’s bounty, and cultivate patience as we settle into the slowness of those long, summer … Learn how your comment data is processed. Traditionally, practicing 108 Sun Salutations is reserved for the change of the seasons (ie the Winter and Summer Solstice, and … This form collects information we will use to send you updates about promotions, special offers, and news. Today is the Summer Solstice marking the beginning of summer. The seasonal shift prompts a revolution from within; a … According to Paskel, doing yoga in the summer heat allows yogis to truly challenge themselves. I have done my best in editing to minimize it, but there is definitely still some noise. The summer solstice also happens to be International Yoga Day. Even though summer doesn't technically start until the Solstice on June 21, in Florida (where I live) it's already here: the sky has swollen with clouds and humidity, giving us intervals of thrashing rain and intense heat (but hey, it's better than shoveling snow). Flow through this pose into another sun salutation position or take a few breaths and allow yourself to relax. White Tantric Yoga® is a powerful meditation practice that clears the subconscious mind, allowing prosperity, success, and happiness to flow freely into your life. The opportunity to SAFELY be in the presence of your fellow yogi's (even 12 ft apart) is refreshing. In the excerpt below from his Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim , Catholic priest Edward Hays reflects upon the significance of this day and then offers a ritual for the solstice … I hope you find something that serves you here. The pose is a variation of Crescent pose, and it engages muscles all throughout the body, from the legs to the core. SOLSTICE PRACTICE Winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere coincides with the sun's ingress into earth-sign Capricorn, the sign traditionally aligned with the knees. The summer solstice is when the … The summer solstice also happens to be International Yoga Day. Required fields are marked. I am a yoga teacher who focuses on bridging the gap between what happens on the mat and life off the mat. Demonstrated by an instructor at Perry’s 359 Yoga studio, Upward Facing Dog is meant to strengthen the spine, arms, and wrists. Summer solstice was on Monday, complete with a beautiful strawberry full moon (something I was informed of after the fact and apparently this strawberry stuff only … This pose helps us establish our feet on terra firma, while we reach toward the heavens—bridging the gap between dreams… According to Ayurveda, the science of health native to India, summer inspires the pitta dosha. And in that stillness, to reflect on the first half of the year, and set your intentions for the coming second half. We will not share or sell your personal information. The intentional and devotional movement of yoga is a wonderful way to honor, celebrate, and connect with the energy of the summer solstice. For some people, summer can be a great time to expand into a more vigorous yoga practice, Micah says, channeling the vibrant energy of the season into movement. Unfortunately, there is construction going on right across the street right now, so you will hear some banging and construction noise at some points throughout this practice.