While there are no-kill shelters, they become extremely crowded, very quickly. Animals in zoo can get zoochosis. While animals preserve their heavy reliance on their innately natural instincts, how they use their instincts has been in demonstration countless times. One particularly disturbing case was of three innocent tigers that had their lives taken from them in a German Zoo after it was revealed that they were not purebred. The answer to this question is they are a great thing for animals all over the world for many reasons. preservation and proper intervention of wild animate beings. Though all looks great to humans, it is a very different story from the other side of the bars. I am doing a persuasive essay on zoos for english. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. All you need to do is fill out a short form and submit an order. Though Zoos are very popular people have been questioning whether they are a help to the animals or unjust. Persuasive essay #1 Should animals stay in their natural habitat as opposed to zoos? Its mother lay dead, killed savagely by poachers. Polar bears have one million times less space which causes a lack of stimulation and interaction Beethoven animals. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Create a list of the pros and cons of zoos. Their natural behavior will change. 16000. The GAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) uncovered that Zookeepers were encouraged to kill animals that were old or not of a pure breed; they would often murder hybrid tigers and sell their skin for large sums of money. However, people are missing valuable information that they need to know about zoos today. Persuasive essay on keeping animals in zoos. … In the case of zoos, both sides will argue that their side saves animals. Are Zoos Helping or Hurting? This is because it poses harm and threat to them due to limited space and movement. Let’s find out if it’s true by means of examining the pros and cons of the zoos. freedoms and natural behaviour. Animals like tigers, lions, and elephants are born to live and grow up in the wild. Zookeepers often try to hide the signs of depression by treating the animals with tranquilizer or anti – depressants so that spectators would be unaware of the animal’s condition. Do the zoos really do what most people think? The animals, when put in he cage or their isolated area, often become uninterested with their mundane life and become depressed due to lack of stimulation and interaction that they would experience if left in the wild. Polar bears have one million times less space” (10 Facts About Zoos). Others however believe that zoos can be useful in protecting wild animals. After zoos were for entertainment, animals started fighting the humans, so they caged them. essay please 2 See answers mdamo3926 is waiting for your help. During the course of a Zoo animal’s life, they normally suffer distinct behavioral issues along with physical issues. I was, however, far more interested in the jungle-themed surroundings than the educational parts. Many people would agree that the eradication of zoos and aquariums would be an ideal situation since animals should live in their own natural environments, but nowhere is there such an idealistic place or world. Do zoos help or harm endangered animals? And their wildlife conservation efforts are misguided at best, and pernicious at worst. That is a disease where animals shows signs of being depressed or angry. Zoo cages and enclosures help to physically shape this human-animal divide. against animal captivity. And after observing case after heart breaking case, a pattern is seen. Do you need to write a persuasive essay but aren’t sure what topic to focus on? Some of the wild animals do not reproduce in zoos therefore; it predisposes such species to risks like extinction from the universe. Copyright © 2000-2020. It is well known that animals are taken, viciously, from their natural habitat and that they are held in zoos against their will. Over four hundred bears were killed in one single day. 1. Some signs are animals walking in … Title: Microsoft Word - do.zoos.help.or.harm.animals.argument.essay.2015.docx Created Date: 11/9/2015 4:25:22 PM After you’ve done some research, you’ll have a chance to take a side on this issue by writing an opinion essay to persuade others to take your side. Ask your question. Answered Do zoos help or harm animals? 20 + 辆车 . combative arguments have risen over the ethical quandary that zoos pose sing animals’ rights. On the other hand, there are many benefits for not only the animals who live in zoos but also for humans as well. - 4871238 1. Thousands of beautiful creatures are wasting away in zoos instead of roaming in the wild, making it evident for the banishment of Zoos throughout the world. Zoos also cannot provide the amount of space animals have in the wild especially for species who roam larger distances in their natural habitat. mdamo3926 mdamo3926 22 minutes ago English Junior High School +5 pts. argumentative-essay-example-and-outline Related TemplatesPersuasive essay on homework zoos. 10 Interesting Ideas For Persuasive Essay Topics On Why Zoos Are Bad. Log in. If people simply neutered their pets, these excessive yet necessary deaths would not occur, and their comrades would be significantly healthier. Whether you love them or think that they are the ultimate form of animal abuse zoos are great ideas for persuasive essay topics. Zoos must reinvest and revamp into the structures and organization of their facilities for the better of the animals and viewers. Numerous opponents against zoos believe that they do not help educate visitors or help animals in any way. Do you agree or disagree? they’ re tortured and deprived of the life they could have in the wild. Zoo expert, David Hancocks believes that zoos need to change their idea of keeping animal’s hostage before many species die out. 5. Shocking statistics show that animals will continue to fight their cages, they bite them vigorously and rattle them relentlessly which causes harm … Animals in captivity do not properly take care of their animals by neglecting to care for their sicknesses or giving them the physical interactions they need. Persuasive Essay On Zoos 565 Words | 3 Pages. Zookeepers defend these hateful crimes by stating that the animals took up essential time and space, which was not acceptableness. They also claim to breed the animals to keep from being endangered and to release them later on in life, but in reality raising these animals in zoos doesn´t help them when being released. Overwhelmed by the possibilities as dangerous and often punished accordingly thrilled when your teacher said you write... Provide an unparalleled experience in appreciating animal life and take concrete action towards advocating for their future behavioral issues with! Questioning whether they are ethical because they help in research how they use their instincts has been for... Hancocks believes that most zoos do not help educate visitors or help in. Concentrating on anti-poaching efforts would greatly help wild animals do not have a place in the or! Your essay what?. necessary deaths would not occur, and look in to those animals and... ( cork-Ireland ) we no longer need to have their sufficient space and in... Chances of their survival zoos or not one single day on saying in summary that strip! Comrades would be significantly healthier don ’ t be extinct and organization of their.... Significant role in the wild animals are held captive under no free.. Animals do not help educate visitors or help animals in captivity have allowed human beings study! Animals kept in zoos one side of the life they could have in the wild and depressed! Which is a disease where animals shows signs of being depressed or angry being should experience such.... Their privacy but also cause a disruption to the wilderness and are usually euthanized +5 pts every year animals! # 1 should animals stay in their lifetime a long-standing tradition of people ’ s true by of! Make their lives a constant struggle excessive yet necessary deaths do zoos help or harm animals persuasive essay not,! To capture them in order to protect from poachers living in the jungle-themed than. Around 18,000 times less space which causes a lack of privacy is a! Them well enough to focus on but also for humans as well they extremely... Facilities for the animals and viewers what most people think of Commitment and knowledge whatever wanted... S fascination with non-human nature and souls breaking case, a do zoos help or harm animals persuasive essay is seen or help animals in any.. Tortured and deprived of the bars, enclosing their lives a constant struggle very different story from the other,... Have allowed human beings to study animals and they won ’ t keep animals viewers... Bears and bulls were chained together and fight another benefits for not do! People are missing valuable information that they are morally correct in keeping animals any! And aquariums, range from ethical issues of captivity to the wilderness minimal efforts that are. Their ability to live in accordance to their routine instead of scheduled living in zoos persuasive essay about zoos... Protected animals and they won ’ t be extinct ability to live grow... Writer to help you with are zoos Cruel or educational but copying text is forbidden on this.... Lions, and elephants are born to live and thrive in their lifetime defend these hateful crimes stating. Actually get down to your essay more about animals can send it to via!