Varian subsequently protects the music box components with a metal cover, preventing them from being disabled in the same way. Seriously, I'm getting ready for the expo, and I think you'll be pretty impressed with my invention, yeah. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Varian: Believe me I know I've sunk pretty low But whatever I've done you deserve Quiet! You stole our balloon! Despite his intellect, he is pretty naive and sometimes overlooks his plans and inventions. We, uh, we didn't finish our conversation from earlier. Only the magic of her unbreakable hair can shatter the amber and free my father. Cast - Tangled. Via Cassandra's red rocks, it has been shown that Varian's greatest fear is his father being encased in amber again and the people of Corona declaring him a traitor and telling him he deserves to be unable to free Quirin for his past crimes. The words are hidden and it needs a beam of sunlight to reveal the incantation! Thank you, I'll start again. [CDATA[ Additionally, Varian is implied to be a bit mischievous, tricking Eugene into thinking that him touching a part of the hot air balloon he built will cause it to explode in "Race to the Spire". Actually, as you know, I'm all about the science, but, uh, Clementine here, she added a bit of, uh, texture. What what did it say? However, in "Be Very Afraid!" No problem. Oh! It's where we have to set it up, that's gets a little tricky. Stars Mandy Moore (This Is Us) and Zachary Levi (Shazam!) After about a year later though, Varian showed deep remorse and shame for his past deeds and believed that he could never be forgiven, which was why he teamed up with the Separatists of Saporia to erase everyone's memories so that he could have a fresh start and be friends with Rapunzel again. Archived. But when someone trusts you, and you betray them, well, this is what happens. I gave it a little polish. Unfortunately, the attack turned out to be a distraction, letting Varian easily infiltrate the castle and kidnap Queen Arianna, but not before leaving half of the guards (including the captain) wounded after the attack and the kingdom terrified over the black rocks growing all over the kingdom. Rapunzel! Also, Varian told Eugene to be careful with the alchemies in Cassandra's Revenge. Ready as I'll Ever Be. When the machines start to cause mayhem, he did try to turn them down but nearly got hurt in the process. Flynn Rider! So now you care about what I want. How can I trust anything when my own father just lied to the King's face? Come on! Heserves as the true main antagonist for the second half of the first season but later redeems himself in the third season. (laughs) I've constructed five of these babies all throughout the caverns. "Ready As I'll Ever Be" Varian (Jordan) Cast – Tangled; 2:03: 11. While he has a gift of inventing and alchemy, his creations usually backfire and cause more chaos than good. Follow @genius on Twitter for updates Ha! Quirin pushes Varian away from being trapped in the glowing amber but is caught himself. I-- I-- Quirineon, Rapunzel. In his anger, Varian has shown his abusive side by transforming his pet raccoon, Ruddiger, into a monster against his will. Well, I guess I should start cleaning this mess up. Age If my calculations are correct, when the Quirineon is heated, it will convert to a gaseous state and be easily dispersed throughout the entire city, wiping the memories of everyone in Corona. Eh? And wait until you see my invention. Introducing counter-centrifugation to the magnetism could result in... well, that! Okay, Ruddiger, so what do we know about them? Ah, yes! At fourteen years of age (in season 1), Varian is a slender teen with fair skin, shaggy black hair with brown highlights and one teal streak, freckles, two front buck teeth, and light blue eyes. Corona, too! We just have to get it high enough, so that when it explodes, it doesn't destroy the city. Hey, you wanna see my new invention? Okay, just pull that lever, and we've got ourselves a trans-dimensional portal. Varian is the son of Quirin, member of the Brotherhood, and an unnamed mother. GoodBad (temporarily) Power(s) Okay, with all due respect, I'm the alchemist. PREVIEW Let Me Make You Proud (Reprise) Varian. It's Rapunzel! Guys, look! //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. Tangled is both an amazingly awesome movie and TV Series by Disney. Media I mean, I tried to get a sample of the rocks to show the King, but they just won't cut--, Dad, I think I should go in there to help explain the scientific--. But the machine he used to do it was dismantled centuries ago. Varian If I had the plans, but Demanitus took his only blueprints to his tomb. Through the miracle of alchemy not magic I have found a way to heat this entire tank of water with a single drop of my newest, yet to be named compound which I'll call Flynnoelum! Princess believe me, I don't want to hurt Cass either but we can't promise that she's not gonna try to hurt us. !function(t,e,r){var n,s=t.getElementsByTagName(e)[0],i=/^http:/.test(t.location)? I-I know what you said, but... You think running away from the problem is gonna fix it? I mean, I've only been able to study them for a few hours, but their effects appear to be extremely dangerous. Dangerous? "More of Me" (from Tangled: Before Ever After) Natasha Bedingfield: 3:03: Total length: 26:54: EP version; No. Oh, so dumb, Varian! Desperate to keep his father from being encased in the amber, Varian runs to Rapunzel to get her help, but, with her people in the crisis of the upcoming snowstorm, she reluctantly turns her back on him and lets him be dragged out by Pete and Stan. You know what, hey, Xaves? Jeremy Michael Jordan is an American actor, voice actor, singer, and dancer. No, they're not dangerous, I I have adjusted my calculations for every possible outcome. While that makes it more difficult for everyone else, it still doesn't stop Cassandra. I'm gonna surprise my village by bringing the people hot, running water! No problem, we got this. Don't worry, Your Majesty. Almost forgot to get the spectrometric press! He does not believe in magic and tends to solve problems through scientific means. If it crashes, it'll destroy all of Corona! Agh! At some point after Rapunzel and her team left to follow the Black Rocks, Varian has revealed himself to have allied with Andrew and the Separatists of Saporia, using the Saporian Wand of Oblivium on King Frederic and Queen Arianna to erase their memories. No, no! Varian is shown to be able to play piano and tambourine. If you can get me on that ship, I think I can neutralize it. I wasn't wrong! (chuckling) That's I'm fine, really. What do we do? The Rooster. Wait, she has a map. The truth is, all I really wanted to do was impress you. Team Awesome is ba-aaack! Varian is shown to be skilled marksman and horseback rider. Wind in My Hair (Reprise) - Rapunzel & Eugene. Life After Happily Ever After (From "Tangled: Before Ever After") - Cast - Tangled. Log In Sign Up. Dislikes 03. See? Get DJ recommendations for harmonic mixing. IT'S GONNA BLOW! Huh? How are they moving so fast? Rapunzel pleads with him, promising to free his father, but he knows firsthand how well she keeps promises then he escapes the castle after hearing the door being opened. "Through It All" is a song in Tangled: The Series final episode, "Plus Est En Vous". I used you! Varian, Cast - Tangled. Zobacz słowa utworu Ready As I'll Ever Be wraz z teledyskiem i tłumaczeniem. Likes Of course! Hmm. Don't worry, I'm sure we'll figure out a way to help them. (sighs) Running away isn't going to fix the problem. We need an equally powerful wind source to counteract it! Uh, oh, I mean, of course, I'm concerned about Corona. The key to stopping this destruction is Princess Rapunzel herself. Project Obsidian, it's a device that can destroy Cassandra's self-esteem. The guards successfully protect Rapunzel (who had broken out of the castle) from harm, and Rapunzel in hand assists the guards to eventually capture Ruddiger, who returns to his normal size after being captured in Rapunzel's hair. Life After Happily Ever After - From "Tangled: Before Ever After" Cast - Tangled • Life After Happily Ever After (From "Tangled: Before Ever After") 4:41 0:30. Oh, but we've only got one vial of my solution left. Species Tangled is both an amazingly awesome movie and TV Series by Disney. It would allow whoever possesses the MoonStone to wield complete control over the black rocks. Jeremy Jordan is the voice of Varian in Tangled: The Series. I suppose I can turn them down a bit. Even after learning that not even Rapunzel's hair could help him free his father, Varian remains committed to making his father proud of him, no matter what it takes. But what if one petal's not enough to harvest what I need? Varian very nearly had a spin-off series that would have been called. Fullname The results are in. Remember the time you dueled that evil knight, blindfolded? He later confesses that he used Rapunzel merely to get to the flower it was to save his dad and not the kingdom, as part of his revenge on everyone who had turned their backs on him. See for yourself. Oh, I can't wait to get my hands on a copper-plated alembic from the Neserdnian market! 6. Teenager Varian: Believe me I know I`ve sunk pretty low But whatever I`ve done you deserve Quiet! A A. "Stop running, Rapunzel. Wake up! After his home and village fell to the ground and the machines got destroyed, he shows regret for his actions and for letting his father down. 2. Upset when his father openly lies to the king about the rocks, Varian tells Rapunzel the truth. So I'm gonna have to ask you to step inside that cell. And, um, this was meant for you. Where'd they come from?! Yeah! (sighs) Behold! Varian violently charges toward Rapunzel in anger, only to get his robot destroyed by Rapunzel through the black rocks, much to his fury. I'll spare you the details about the Sundrop and darkness, blah, blah, blah, and get to the good stuff. I believe I promised you a secret. Varian: Believe me I know I've sunk pretty low But whatever I've done you deserve Quiet! 2:15 PREVIEW Ready As I'll Ever Be. Well, okay, first, she said, "We're looking for Varian," and then I said, "I am Varian!" Come on, let's go! I, I don't understand! He later fights Zhan Tiri head-on along with the rest of Corona, but their efforts do little to stop her. Yeah. Yes well, if people remain under that fear spell for too long, it looks like they'll become frozen with terror permanently. That's a good word for it. Ruddiger! (screams) (screaming) (gasps) That was a dream. Now, theoretically, if we sever this chain of rocks, using one of my alchemical solutions, then we can cut off the red rocks' fear power. In "Great Expotations," he comes to the "Exposition of Sciences" event with his latest invention. ... Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Trembling? But no! Ohhhh! In "Queen for a Day," the black rocks start growing and destroying everything in Old Corona. Of course, if he were free from the amber now and saw everything I've done, well, he'd be ashamed. Hey! Yeah, I I meant done with the first test. Sorry. The Lyrics for Ready As I'll Ever Be by Varian feat. A marvel of ancient technology, really. Avengers, Assemble! Royal Engineer of CoronaScientistInventorAlchemistCriminal (temporarily) Oh, yes, this this Ah is it's very long. From "The Lost Treasure of Herz Der Sonne" and onward in Season 3, he wears a more adventurous steampunk style outfit, consisting of a collared beige long-sleeved shirt, maroon vest, dark brown gloves with brown straps, brown pants, dark brown utility belt, tan apron, dark maroon-and-khaki boots and a dark brown backpack to carry his belongings. 9. But Rapunzel assures him that he could face his fears and save Corona. I believe this is an automaton. I've Got This - Rapunzel. He became Flynn's biggest fan for his bravery and combat skills, but the excitement of his hero had him confuse Eugene Fitzherbert as Flynn Rider when Eugene used the name in his life of crime. Oh, no, don't worry, Your High Rapunzel. Tangled is a 2010 American computer-animated, musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, based on the story Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm, starring Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi. Plus Ruddiger can be surprisingly resourceful. Varian then goes with his father to see the King and inform him of the situation. First Appearance Assistant? Tweet. Alchemy and Engineering: His knowledge on alchemy and engineering skills allow him to build and make his creations and ideas, like machines, gadgets, and chemical mixtures, come to life. Good idea. Rapunzel agrees to help him only because he says it is for Corona. Rapunzel. Whoa! This It appears to be some sort of ancient chirography. (chuckles) You're telling me I gotta climb all the way up there? No, no Maybe early Saporian? Because a certain alchemist could use his assistant. When Rapunzel and Cassandra first met him, he was wearing a black and gray coat and a gray bauta, which makes his eyes appear to be glowing a yellow-green colour and makes his voice sound intimidating. When he woke up, he tried find the answers from the scroll but he gave up, until his goggles reflected sunlight onto the scroll, which revealed it to have hidden words. (points to Rapunzel). We were in this together, but if I can't have a happy ending, then neither can you! We acquired some critical data about your hair: it no longer possesses its legendary healing power. It's not my fault. Sorry, guys, that was a... Yeah, that was a bath bomb. My Reason: Characters left: 140 I Don't Have A Reason / I'll Add One Later. He is also shown to have become closer with his father, as Quirin helps him with his machines, and when one of them explodes, both of them simply laugh it off. It's alchemy, but yeah don't don't sweat it. I was in an angsty mood so, prepare for a lot of angst. My machines are not causing them. You didn't give up on me. (nervously) I should have not said that out loud. He is one of the characters to say Princess and the others are Eugene, Monty, Dale AKA The Fake Giovanni, Princess Rapunzel herself, Lance, Pete, Kiera, Attila, Captain of the Guards, Nigel, Sugracha the Eternal, Xavier, Griffin of Pittsford, Stan, Adira, Hook Foot, Vex, Lady Caine, King Frederic, Cassandra, Shorty, Stalyan, Queen Arianna, Tromus, Feldspar, Maisie, Mary, Captain Creighton, Vladimir, King Edmund, Dwayne, Catalina, Zhan Tiri and Brock Thunderstrike. Varian was also able to use his alchemy to modify the mood potion into a truth serum, as well as replicating it, while his engineering allowed him to build an army of Reverse-engineered copies of the Automaton he encountered in the underground tunnel system. He also considers himself ordinary in comparison to Rapunzel. Uh, how could I not? Learn to trust again. Why didn't it work. How? 2. Let Me Make You Proud - Varian. Ten on the doom scale! Oh, it was no big deal. Oh, yeah. It is sung by Varian, Cassandra, Rapunzel, Eugene and King Frederic. OH MY, DON'T TOUCH THAT! Corona, you know? Please be careful, that stuff is very delicate. - Ruddig - Hey! The soundtrack features ten original songs from the show's third and final season, written by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater. You, you're the only one who can help. Varian's hair (specifically his bangs) is drawn in a way that hardly covers his face, regardless of head and camera angles. The vortex has gotten too strong. Hey! The end result? No! Oh, right. Your highness.- (clears throat), Wow. It should, however, be noted that Varian had spent months in complete isolation prior to committing crimes against Corona, which very likely had a deteriorating effect on his mental health. La letra de Ready As I'll Ever Be de Varian feat. No! Dr. St. Croix that latter is building too much pressure for the Elemental Remogrifier when the former and Cassandra notices it then run to the stage in Great Expotations. You're cheating! The castle! The important thing is we got a reaction. You, uh, you never finished The Legend of the Cheating Willows. Oh, it's it's a chemical compound of my own design. Also, Varian tells Lance not to touch the button on the machine inside Lord Demanitus' tomb in Plus Est En Vous. With Rapunzel's encouragement and empathy, he managed to tackle through his fear, used his compound to encased the rocks in amber, and gain the admiration of the entire kingdom. 4 4. comments. Listen to music by Varian on Apple Music. If it weren't for Rapunzel, I'd be - Ruddiger! Despite Rapunzel's attempts to make amends with Varian by aiding him to get the Sundrop Flower, Varian betrays Rapunzel as soon as he gets what he wants from her. PLus, he wears this outfit at the near end of Rapunzel's Return, during the time travel epiosde No Time Like the Past and error of Once a Handmaiden... when he is on Fidella. Weapon(s) Come on! It's not enough until you endure the same amount of pain and agony I have! We can't! Enemie(s) He added goggles to him so that he can have an iconic costume piece. Oh no, no, no! What the Wha Wh Where Where am I? The name Varian is French for "variable", which means something not consistent or liable to change, which could be a reference to him starting as a good guy, who later became bad until he redeemed himself, as well as a nod to his role as a scientist. Buddy, I was looking for you! You're right. I can't do this! Separatists of Saporia (formerly)Team Awesome Professional Status Come! Come on! Cast - Tangled - Ready As I`ll Ever Be Lyrics. Now, as you have probably guessed, I am a man of science, - specifically, al--. Would you say your dad has been a really reliable source of information? 1 1 11. Also, in The Alchemist Returns and Secret of the Sun Drop, he has the branch that he tied his alchemies to during the song Let Me Make You Proud. No, it's still here. Since then, he did everything he could to make up for his past deeds, The Lost Treasure of Herz Der Sonne, which includes rebuilding the throne room and trying to help King Frederic and Queen Arianna restore their memories from "The King and Queen of Hearts". Eugene: I'm ready Pete & Stan: We're ready Crowd: We're ready Ready as I'll Ever Be" is a song from the Tangled: The Series episode Secret of the Sun Drop. No, no, no. Kinda. Share. In a moment, this little guy he'll give us all the answers we want. "I've Got This" Rapunzel (Moore) 2:33 : 2. Occupation(s) Buddy, where you headed? Posted by. Varian returns home and finds his father completely encased in solid amber. Oh, I see you've already met my new friends. I rigged his helmet with a temporary stun mechanism. And we have a winner. Jeremy Jordan is the voice of Varian in Tangled: The Series. Yeah! Friend(s) Varian possesses no magical abilities. Affiliation(s) Ten on the doom scale! Additionally, he expresses denial and anger over Eugene's concerns that his father, like Adira and Hector was mind -controlled by Cassandra but is nonetheless willing to take precautions just in case, putting the welfare of Corona first. I tried asking for help in a civil manner, but was denied by everyone in Corona. And, uh, and Ruddiger. I'm not sure if I should be fascinated or terrified. 9. Ow! Varian wants to find a way to stop them from destroying anything else, but Quirin tells him to stay away from them. Everything! Whoa! (laughs) You’d be surprised what people will tell you for a cookie. Musical Talents: Not only he is a good singer, but he has shown to have abilities to play a piano and a tambourine in Plus Est En Vous. Varitas, Hair-stripe, Goggles, Royal Science Nerd/Expert (by Eugene Fitzherbert)Little Man, Professor Snakehead (by Lance Strongbow)V (by Angry)Son (by Quirin)Boy (by Master. Cassandra, you're angry. Relative(s) (laughs) Look at your hair! He quickly trusts Eugene with his secret hot water machines and tries to assure him that it's under control when Eugene expresses his concerns about how unstable the machines really are. I have asked for help and have been ignored. Cast - Tangled, Category: Artist, Singles: Life After Happily Ever After (From "Tangled: Before Ever After"), Top Tracks: Ready As I'll Ever Be, Life After Happily Ever After - From "Tangled: Before Ever After", Monthly Listeners: 146237, Where People Listen: Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles And if we don't get out soon then these changes could be... Alright, I'll set this and send Zhan Tiri back. Andrew, Separatists of Saporia, Zhan Tiri, The Baron He also shows Rapunzel and Cassandra the black, spiky rocks which had grown near Old Corona and react when Rapunzel stands near them. (laughs) Of course, if he knew what I was actually doing down here, he'd probably be impressed, or at least I hope he'd be impressed. This is useless! Hi. Yeah, it needs to be close enough to Zhan Tiri to suck her back in. Then he gave the new incantation to Rapunzel, allowing her to defeat Cassandra. Brrr, pow! Traits There was just one drop left, but it was enough for me to replicate and modify. Fascinating! (grunts). Play Song. I-- but you're one to talk! Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure Cast - Tangled ha sido traducida a 12 idioma (s) Varian: Believe me I know I've sunk pretty low But whatever I've done you deserve Quiet! All right, Team Awesome. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. In Once a Handmaiden..., he seems to have given up hope that Cassandra could relinquish her vengeful desires, even starting a project alongside Eugene that involves destroying her by encasing her in amber if she attacks again. Shaggy black hair with brown highlights and a teal streak [Varian] Believe me I know I've sunk pretty low But whatever I've done you deserve Quiet! (laughs) All it took was threatening the things you love the most. Also see Camelot, duration, release date, label, popularity, energy, danceability, and happiness. Help you? Uh, I mean, fin-- I finished. Now, um, if you'll excuse me, I have a contest to win. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on //
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